Janitor/Detective, Ooma of the . . . Ooma?


Benson is an Ooma and “works” at the zoo in Keystone. It’s not clear in what capacity, but it seems to have involved janitorial duties that may or may not have been compensated.

Along with Hedges, Benson now operates as a detective/investigator of sorts.

Benson met Flynt in a book store while searching for his detective instructional booklets, or what most people would call “noir pulp fiction”.

Benson and Hedges have had a few wins tracking down missing animals and doing surveillance but this is not enough to go fill time. As such, Benson still works part-time and lives at the zoo!

Hedges is almost certainly property of the zoo, but no one seems particularly eager to stop him leaving . . .

It seems that Benson may have uncovered an illicit high class affair (without his knowledge, while looking for a missing cat) and this has set tongues wagging amongst the party set.


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