Swashbuckler, Dwarf of the Women


Flynt has only been in Keystone for six months and during this time, true success has escaped him. Initially Flynt came as a “noble emissary” of the Dwarves after the recent world issues. iT is not clear if the Dwarves sent him or approved of this role in any way.

The Dwarves are far away, living in their “holes” while Flynt is “not really a hole kinda guy” even though he hails from a very traditional area.

As a Dwarf looking to be a swashbuckler, Flynt reforged his ancestral axe into a rapier. According to Flynt his father was “v. not impressed.”

A few months after arriving Flynt has been reduced to working as a detective, Benson, as hired muscle.

Object of Desire?
At this point, “pretty much anyone”. Flynt initially aimed at the top, the aristocracy, and it hasn’t quite played out like that. Currently aiming for “above barmaids.”

Flynt has been reading Mills & Boone style books, believing they are instructional manuals.


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